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Contember CLI

There is a command line tool, which helps you with developing Contember projects and running them.

Run it without any args to see a help

npm run contember

Which will print the available commands

Contember CLI version X.Y.Z
Usage: <command> <command args>
deploy Deploy Contember project
migrations:amend Amends latest migration
migrations:describe Describes a migration
migrations:diff Creates schema migration diff for given project
migrations:execute Executes migrations on an instance
migrations:rebase Rebase migrations on filesystem and in local instance
migrations:status Shows status of executed migrations on an instance & sync status
project:create Creates a new Contember project
project:print-schema Prints project schema
project:validate Validates project schema
tenant:create-api-key Creates an API key
tenant:invite Invites a user by an email
tenant:reset-password Resets user password
tenant:sign-in Signs in a user
version Prints Contember CLI version
workspace:update:api Updates Contember API version and all related packages



You can use non-ambiguous abbreviation for commands, for example npm run contember migr:exe, which runs migrations:execute command


See migrations chapter.