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ContemberAn open-source developer platform designed to help developers create web applications quickly and efficiently.
InterfaceIn the context of Contember, this refers to the user interface components used to build bespoke user interfaces for web applications.
EngineThe part of Contember that handles the backend functionalities, including the data model and the GraphQL API.
Contember CloudA managed hosting service offered by Contember. It handles deployment-related tasks such as scaling and security, and provides professional support.
ProjectEvery project contains Contember Schema definition for your simple website, blog or any other content-based platform or database. Optionally any project can have its Contember Interface.
InstanceA running Contember Engine server hosting as many Contember projects as you like (and providing their Content API). Each instance has a single Tenant API, so you can store and manage access from a single point.
EntityEntity is a basic unit in model schema. Each entity can have fields.
ACL rulesAccess control rules for some entity.


WorkspaceYour (git) repository with one or more Contember projects.
Content APIThis is the primary GraphQL API for your project, which is automatically generated from your schema definition.
System APIThis is a supplementary API for your project. It's primarily used to manage schema migrations. You need it only in really advanced usecases.
Tenant APIThis API allows you to manage users, API keys, and project memberships on an instance.
Project SchemaThis is the definition of your model, ACL rules, and input validation rules.
Project MigrationsThese are chronologically sorted, files that contain all schema or content changes. They serve as the source of truth for a schema.
EventEvery operation performed on your data is stored in an event log. This log can be utilized to track history.
SuperadminThis is a special user role within Contember. The Superadmin has the highest level of system access and control.